The menshirt website is the initiative of the Vvög boutique in Chambly.

With thirty years of experience, and recognized as the reference for men's fashion in the Chambly area, Vvög stands out with a unique concept and positioning that leaves room for the greatest collections of men's fashion.

Au Noir shirts

Au Noir has been a leader in the high-end shirt industry for Him since 2010. Single or double punto, visible or concealed stitch, and various stylish touches come together to create a final product that stands out.

Different advanced techniques in the manufacturing of our shirts allow us to be a leader and innovator in the textile industry. Many elements come together to create an Au Noir shirt, including our superior quality fabrics, embroidery, buttons, leather cuff clips and many details on the inside of the sleeves and collar.

The Vvög Experience

On the menshirt website, you will find the same quality service as in store. Our experienced and attentive team offers you a personalized service in order to accompany you in the selection of your clothes. If you have any questions during your online shopping session, do not hesitate to contact us via our email or directly by phone.

Company philosophy

The success of Vvög companies is due to the relationship it has with its customers, always listening to their demands and requirements, Vvög manages to develop a real relationship with its customers. This is also passed on to the suppliers, which allows us to access quality products and to offer them to the customer. A relationship between all parties allows for the satisfaction of all.

We are here to help and accompany each customer in the purchasing process whether it is on site or online, our team takes the necessary steps to simplify the steps to take. Our passion and knowledge of linen has always guided us to take the utmost care to complete your interest with honesty and dedication, we are always available for questions and special requests.

Our history

With more than 30 years of experience Vvög has distinguished itself over the years with its bold choices and unique positioning that make room for the greatest collections in men's fashion, which now makes us the reference in clothing fashion in the Chambly region.

During this time, the Ostiguy family has diversified by having the same concepts for women's clothing Flos Shop as well as for personalized designs Vvög Corporate and school Vvög Academy. This necessarily influenced us to build our sewing workshop Chambly Valet.

With our expertise in retail and corporate clothing combined with the experience of the manufacturer Profiltex, we have been a leader in the manufacture and distribution of school uniforms for over 15 years.

The company can now count on a team of 25 employees and an outstanding customer service that will meet all your demands.


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