Le secret de la collection Essentials de Robert Barakett

The secret of Robert Barakett's Essentials collection

Simple yet sophisticated design, comfortable, soft and durable fabric, and the perfect fit... Discover the secret of Robert Barakett's Essentials collection

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Simple yet sophisticated design, comfortable, soft and durable fabric, a great fit and excellent body support are words that Robert Barakett still hears when talking about his Essentials collection. What's more, all of his menswear pieces are crafted with two sacred principles in mind: charm and comfort.

Charm: Robert Barakett's well-kept secret

From tee shirts to polo shirts, from baseball jackets to cotton fleece, from henly collars to turtlenecks, Robert Barakett is always ready to satisfy the sartorial needs of the male population.

The secret of the Montreal-based company - and one of the reasons for its success - is to create clothing that allows its customers to distinguish themselves from a sartorial point of view without attracting too much attention. Robert Barakett has turned to simple, sophisticated designs, enhanced here and there by a few subtle details: refined buttons, a zipper, a unique collar.

In addition, a wide range of colors is available when a customer wants to purchase, for example, a t-shirt or a polo shirt. They can choose their favorite color from up to six different choices!

Comfort: the genius behind the designer

When it comes to comfort, there are two key elements: the choice of fabric and the fit of the garment.

Robert Barakett is known in the fashion world for his ardent passion for quality fabrics. That's why all the garments in his Essentials collection are created from Pima cotton: a type of cotton known for its soft, light and resistant fibers. In addition, unlike conventional cotton, Pima cotton absorbs more sweat and moisture, making it breathable all day long.

As for the cut of Robert Barakett's Essentials men's clothing, it has been thought out and designed to offer the wearer great freedom of movement. Any man can go about his business with the assurance that no rough seams or odd shoulder cuts will bother him. In fact, any occasion is a good one to wear Robert Barakett: a casual outing, dinner with friends, a date...!

Menshirt.com believes that Robert Barakett's Essentials collection, sold throughout Quebec, is a great success with men.


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