Au Noir : bien plus que des chemises pour hommes !

Au Noir: more than just men's shirts!

Since 2009, Au Noir men's shirts have been a huge success with men.
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Since 2009, Au Noir men's shirts have been a huge success with men. It is with a lot of experience and wisdom that Mario, advisor, explained, last Thursday, during a telephone interview, the reasons for their popularity by insisting on their quality, comfort and durability.

Simple but essential criteria when buying a shirt

Choosing a shirt is not always a child's play. According to Mario, it is essential to take into account certain criteria when buying a shirt, which will make all the difference between one shirt and another. Quality, comfort, ease of care and durability are some of the essential characteristics that Mario emphasizes when he suggests Au Noir shirts to his customers.

During the interview, he added that "for the value, it's really good quality. The fit is good, the comfort is good. It's also the quality of the fabric and the durability that makes the difference."

According to him, Au Noir shirts are also known for their great freedom of movement thanks to their semi-curved fit - comfortable around the shoulders - as well as their wide range of sizes. Unlike their competitors who limit their sizes to 2XL, Au Noir offers collections of men's shirts that fit all sizes, from XS to 6XL.

Au Noir: from simplicity to variety

The Montreal-based designers at Au Noir are always careful to make shirts that appeal to everyone. People either like it or they don't," says Mario. When they don't like it, they always go for something a little more plain. When someone is looking for something a little bit more edgy as a style, as a look, they're going to go to patterned models that often have pretty exceptional colors in terms of looks." In other words, there's something for everyone!

Although the models come in a variety of looks, Au Noir continues the company's traditions with its personal signature on the collar and cuffs. On the one hand, three small buttons placed side by side adorn the collar of the shirts. On the other hand, when the long sleeves are rolled up to the elbows, patterns appear on the back of the sleeves. "Many competitors are now copying Au Noir, because they know that their designs are different and unique," said the consultant.

Shirts from father to son

With 48 years of experience in menswear, Mario said it's not uncommon for a regular customer's son to come into the store to buy Au Noir shirts like his father's. The intergenerational relationship between Mario and his customers demonstrates the quality of both his personalized service and the shirts themselves.

This success is further enhanced by the feedback between Au Noir and the sales staff as they share customer comments and feedback with the designers. According to Mario, Au Noir is without a doubt "a company that listens to the merchant to develop the products and the menswear market."

Because of their comfort, quality and durability, Au Noir shirts are phenomenally successful in the menswear industry. is pleased to be associated with such a customer-focused company. This is what sets them apart from other companies.


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